Here is a short demo reel I´ve done during an application phase. The conditions where not to spent more than 3 days on sound design and mixdown. Have fun!

Sound Reel Sebastian Pohle from Sebastian Pohle on Vimeo.


“Lost Horizon” wins genre grice “Best Adventure 2010″ at German Developer Awards in Essen, nice!!!


Due to lack of time I haven´t updated this page for months. This are two projects I was working on during the last months.

Lost Horizon

In-game sound effect and cutscene sound design

Black Sails

In-game sound effect and cutscene sound design


I like to show you my first official released trailer. Its kind of “larger than life” but somehow it works. I did sound effects and the mixdown. Music by Jochen Flach. Game info: Shadow Harvest

I have just finished the Sound Effects for the HD side scrolling shooter Söldner X 2 Final Prototype which will be released exclusively on PS3 in May. Here is the trailer:

The first major RPG ´m working on is Arcania – A Gothic Tale aka
Gothic 4 For this Game Axel (Lead
Sound Designer of Dynamedion) and I went to a circus to record some

Although there always had been a fence between us and the animals we
had major respect for them all the time. But for a good Monster Roar
we had to go close…

Equipment used: Sound Devices 744T, MKH 416, ultrasonic response mic

Lion Recordings from Axel Rohrbach on Vimeo.

Ghost Pirates of Voojoo Island

Right now I’m mainly working for Dynamedion, Europe’s leading audio facility for game audio outsourcing, as an audio designer.

As I’m sworn to secrecy I’m only allowed to talk about the Games which have been released yet.

So I’m proud to present the first shipped Title I was working on, the adventure „Ghost Pirates of Voojoo Island“ by Bill Tiller. I did the Sound Design on the Cutscenes and a couple of in-game sound effects.


Regie: Samuel Maoz

I had the chance to edit the Foley on this price winning feature film. It´s about the Lebanon war through the eyes of a tank crew.

„This must qualify as one of the most anti-heroic war movies ever made; not a single character can stomach battle or shows the slightest courage towards his comrades, making mockery of a plaque that extols: “Man is steel. A tank is only iron.” It is hard to care about these feckless characters, who miss their mothers back at home and seem unable to grasp the basics of what’s going on around them. When a Syrian POW is lowered into the tank, they can’t fathom his terror on being threatened by a ferocious Phalangist (a Christian Arab) out for his blood.“ (

In October Lebanon won the Golden Lion in Venice. Also it won four prizes at the Israeli Ophir Awards, including Best Supporting Actor for Zohar Strauss, Best Cinematography and Best Sound Design. Nice and more to come!!!

Hollywood Reporter Article